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Selected Presentations
The Sky's the Limit? Cloud Computing in Small and Rural Academic Libraries (with Deborah Tritt)
Digital Humanities: Active Learning Tools for the Information Literacy Classroom (with Deborah Tritt)
Miles Apart? Similarities and Differences in International Academic Librarianship
Working with TRiO Programs: Encouraging Technology, Research, and Information Organization Skills for Early Start Students (with Rebecca Freeman)
Serving Information Literacy via Digital Humanities (with Deborah Tritt)
Frugalcasting: Free and Low-cost Screencast Tools for Academic Libraries (with Deborah Tritt)
Off the Grid: Access to Professional Development for Small and Rural Academic Librarians (with Deborah Tritt)
I Can Do That (Too!): Using LIS Core Competencies in the Digital Humanities
Who's the Fairest of Us All?: A Comparison of the Influence of the ALA COE on Academic Librarians and Library Administrators
Right and Wrong in Real Librarianship: The Impact of Ethics on Practicing Academic Librarians
Moving In, Moving Up: Recruitment, Retention and Advancement of African American Male Librarians
Emerging Trends: International Students in U.S. Academic Libraries

Derailing Anxiety in Academic Library Instruction

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